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P/Y Jokai 1 is a catamaran yacht designed by Plessis Yacht Design in France and built by a French Naval Architect and boat builder in Evercat Asia Inc, Lapu Lapu, Cebu. The construction was completed October 2014. There are 2 2X142 HP Deutz Marine Engine on board. P/Y Jokai 1 is constructed with Honeycomb / Fiberglass / Resin Epoxy. The overall length of the yacht is 22m and the overall width is 9.4m. The yacht also includes, a dinghy that can accommodate up to 10 person, a VHF Radio, Navigational equipment (GPS, Chart plotter, deep sounder, fish finder), an oxygen, life-saving equipment (life vests, flares, parachute flares, smoke signals), and first-aid kit.


Whether in celebration of something or just for cruising the waters of Cebu, your time on the Jokai 1 will never be just special, but extraordinary. Enjoy and bask in the sunset or chill in the shade- or take a quick dip whenever you please. Feel the gentle sea breeze while sipping on fine wine. Turn the music up or keep things quiet. Bring your entire family and friends or keep things private. If it’s a wedding, a birthday, a reunion, or a completely spontaneous getaway, you absolutely won’t regret getting on.


Our facilities include:

  • Built in Bar

  • 2 toilets

  • Sky deck

  • Bar table with bar stools

  • Small tables with chairs

  • Benches with foams

  • 10 Bean bags

  • External sound system with amplifier and four (4) 300W speakers

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