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Welcome Aboard to P/Y Jokai 1

What a beautiful and bright sunny day for a day cruise. I am very excited to head down to Mactan island for my first ever cruise experience by the famous Jokai 1, Cebu’s number one pleasure and party yacht.

There are 3 pick-up locations available depending on the tides as well as the weather conditions. However, the fleet manager will guide you along.

1. Cebu Yacht Club

If you are coming from the airport, you won’t miss it. It’s only a 10-minute drive. If you are coming from the city, I would highly recommend taking the route towards second bridge known as Marcelo Fernan bridge to avoid traffic. Just follow the road, and turn left until you reach the new Island Central Shopping Mall. You will see a directional sign to Cebu Yacht Club. When you arrive to the Cebu yacht club, just ask the people around and they will lead you where jokai-1 will be.

2. The public Sea Port beside Moevenpick Hotel and Resort

It’s the seaport beside Moevenpick Resort at Punta Engaño. It’s the road leading towards Shangri- la Mactan Resort or Mactan Shrine. There are multiple ways to go there. Either by private car, taxi or multicast. (Small versions of Philippines jeepneys).

3. JPark Island Resort and Waterpark at Maribago, Lapu-Lapu City

As a huge tourism enthusiast of Cebu. I joined a group of Korean families to better understand how our locals highlight on the tourism industry. The tourist was wowed by our hospitality. The Korean tourist group used the facilities from the seaport, beside Moevenpick Resort.

As we arrived, warm friendly smiles from the crew welcomed us by their rubber boat and carried us to the yacht by batch. A beautiful pearly white Catamaran awaits us. It’s about 22 meters in length. Built and finished around October 2014. The yacht by Jokai Marine International was well maintained by the staff and crew. It was clean, spacious and very beautiful.

The yacht can accommodate up to a maximum of 50 passengers. It’s the only pleasure yacht in Cebu that has a sky deck that gives you a 360 degrees view, as you cruise along the different islands in Mactan. It also serves as a perfect lounger to get a sun tan. It is fully equipped with built in sound system to serenade yours ears and get you in the mood. It also has a hip functional bar in the middle to cater to your party needs.

The cruise is well facilitated by experienced crew starting from the Captain to all deck personnel. A lot of fun filled activities were prepared during the cruise! We got everything under the roof. Each guest were given individual beach towels, life vest and snorkeling gears. Our first activity was fishing at Talima Beach Resort. It was really fun as were given fishing gears and taught how to fish! As we went snorkeling, there were several tropical fishes that were so beautiful to look at! Unique coral formations can be seen from the yacht, because of the crystal clear blue water. Snorkeling, swimming at Olanggo Island and a sunset cruise were still lined up for us. There was never a dull moment. Another bucket list checked. It was worth the wait. Jokai 1 has truly lived up with my expectations as Cebu’s number one pleasure yacht! ©

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